Core Values

Kakisimowin Kakisimowin: CREE SPIRITUALITY

Cree Spirituality is the way we orient ourselves toward the Creator. It is the way we make meaning out of our lives.

Cree Spirituality provides a perspective to foster purpose, meaning and direction to life.

For Cree people, spirituality is a part of everyday living. It is the way we relate and treat each other and the environment.

The Creator has given everything in this world a Spirit. Spirituality gives you a sense of peace, inner strength, reassurance and guidance.

Nehiyawewin Nehiyawewin: GIFT OF LIFE AND LANGUAGE

We believe that children are loaned to us from the Creator to raise in the proper Plains Cree way.

We believe that the Creator gave us the gift of language to transmit our knowledge, beliefs and way of life to future generations.


We will respecting and listening to the guidance of Elders who maintain our sacred ways, values and beliefs

Kisewatisowin Kisewatisowin: BELONGING AND GENEROUSITY

We believe that love and belonging are necessary for the development of a happy, respectful and trusting person who is generous and caring. We believe it is our responsibility to give of ourselves without expectation of something in return.

Kaskitamasowin Kaskitamasowin: MASTERY

We believe that students with a spirit of independence are empowered and will contribute to the well being of their fellowman.

Individuals have access to new opportunities for success when they master a skill or attain knowledge.

Akamemohwin Akamemohwin: KEEP TRYING

We believe in the 4 gifts of Life and in using the natural resources such as Elders, parents and students to ensure higher learning.