Welcome to Cree Department

Kiwetotamahk Nehiyawetwawin

“Returning home to the Plains Cree way”


Ermineskin school graduates speak Cree, live successfully in the modern world, taking action to improve their own wellness and contribute to a safe and healthy local and global community.


To honor our obligation to the Creator, we revive and preserve our language and instill a positive cultural identity in our children and encourage them to thinking for themselves and sharing their knowledge with future generations. We teach our children what it means to be Cree (Nehiyaw ).

To use modern curriculum along with our own traditional Cree teaching methods, values and structures in the classroom.

“Traditional values, new technologies”


The Cree Department assists our Cree teachers at Ermineskin Schools in areas such as curriculum planning, assessment, providing professional development, and Cree resources. We believe in delivering a quality Cree language program at Ermineskin Schools.