Operation & Maintenance

Mission Statement

The mission of the Education Authority Facilities Management Department is to efficiently operate, maintain, and support the development of quality facilities, grounds, and services, and at the same time to support our campus community, students, faculty, and staff. Through our efforts we support the schools commitment to the pursuit of truth, academic excellence, and the advancement of knowledge.

Operations and Maintenance Profile

The Miyo Wahkohtowin Operations and Maintenance department are committed to maintaining all facilities to the standards set out by Indian and Northern Affairs. We believe that we need work with our colleagues to set out the basic rules of our facility which is "RESPECT SELF, OTHERS AND PROPERTY". It is important that we provide a safe place for students, staff, and community.

Our staff consists of eight custodians, two maintenance employees, and director of facilities. We maintain well over 150,000 square feet of educational space. We are located on the north west corner of Hobbema just off highway 611. We currently have 76 acres of land on which our facilities are located in.

Our objective is to provide the best maintained facilities. We accomplish this by providing expertise in all areas of our department. Staff are always in the training mode to keep up with today’s fast changing environment. In cooperation with our colleagues, we can do anything and it is important that we all work together to achieve our goals.

We maintain four schools under the Education Authority. The maintenance program for both janitorial and maintenance of the school is of high quality. For many years, we have been the leaders in First Nation schools in this department. Compliments on the school's condition are astounding and we are proud of that.

We are a team that works together to accomplish the priorities of the board. Site based management gives us the opportunity to allocate funds to the areas in need. The funding is prioritized. Health and Safety being the most important, takes into account all annual inspections are completed as required by the Federal guidelines. Cleaning and maintenance programs are followed and the end result is that our facilities are well maintained and our grounds and facilities are attractive.

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