Emergency Numbers


Contact Phone # Home Other
Emergency 911 (where available) N/A N/A N/A
R.C.M.P Hobbema 585-3767
-Regular 585-2363
Ermineskin Fire Department 585-4589 312-3145
Samson Fire Departments 585-3912
Ermineskin Security 585-2004
Ambulance 585-4000
Hospital - Emergency 361-7100
-Admitting 361-7100

Hobbema Transport 585-2424 783-5259 585-2424
Kids Help Line (24 Hours) 1-800-668-6868
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-387-5437

Poison Control Center 1-800-332-1414

M.W.C.E.A Emergency Operations Coordinator
Director Of Education - Brian Wildcat 585-2118 585-2885
Maintenance Supervisor - Vincent Wildcat
585-2229 352-1743 361-7565

Utility Services Emergency #
Trans Alta Utilities 1-800-667-2345
Ledcor Industries (Fibre) 1-800-667-2345
Atco Gas 352-2291

Local District Of: Hobbema
Hobbema Emergency Response 585-4589 312-3145
Hobbema Health Services 585-3830
Ermineskin Tribal Health & Welfare 585-3835
Child And Family Services Hobbema
Youth Justice 585-3511

M.W.C.E.A School Facilities
Kindergarten - Patti Johnson 585-3788
Primary - Debbie Stockdale/ Doris Auger 585-3760
Junior High - Keith Macquarrie / Sharon Seright 585-3931
Alternate School - Wendy Solland
Central Office - Brian Wildcat 585-2118
Maintenance - Vincent Wildcat

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