Support Services




Student Services in M.W.C.E.A. provides a wide range of services aimed at supporting schools in their effort to successfully address the students with special education needs. Some of the services provided are:



Dr. Lorna Hall has been a Chartered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta since 1983, with a varied background including hospital, school, and clinic settings. She has extensive experience in psycho educational assessments, most notably with learning-disabled individuals, those with developmental disabilities, and children at risk for developmental problems due to medical or environmental conditions. She has also been active in counseling individuals and has consulted widely with educational and community programs.


Speech and Language Pathologist

Miyo Wahkohtowin is fortunate to have the services of a Speech and Language Pathologist. The approach of the speech and language program is early intervention. Hence, the majority of assistant’s time is allocated working with the younger grades. The role of the Speech and Language Pathologist includes:

  • Conducting the speech and language assessments
  • Writing the assessment reports
  • Developing and monitoring Speech and Language Programs
  • Meeting with teachers and available parents to discuss testing results and progress in therapy
  • Providing consulting services to teachers
  • Working with some disorders directly (i.e. stuttering)
  • Assisting classroom teachers with IPPs


I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology

The I CAN Centre for Assistive Technology (ICC AT) provides assessment intervention services to people of all ages who have complex needs for assistive technology.


Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is a health care facility unique to Alberta. We are devoted primarily to high-level rehabilitation care of both adults (including the elderly) and children.


Edmonton Regional Educational Consulting Services

Edmonton Regional Educational Consulting Services (ERECS) provides interdisciplinary assessment, consultation and in-services to address the educational needs of children/students throughout north central Alberta who have severe disabilities.


Family Wellness Centre

Family Wellness Centre
Box 570
Hobbema, Alberta
T0C 1N0
Telephone: (780) 585-2219
Fax: (780) 585-2665


Maskwachis Counseling Services

Maskwachis Counseling Services offers a range of services in such as individual counseling, crisis intervention, group counseling, family therapy, workshops, referrals and self-help groups.

For further information contact:
Maskwachis Counseling Services
Phone: (780) 585-3856
Fax: (780) 585-3621
Toll Free 1-800-822-4417



M.W.C.E.A meets the needs of special education students by providing supports in each of the schools. Some of the supports provided in the schools are:


Special Ed Coordinator

Each school has a Special Education Coordinator. The role of the Special Education Coordinator is to coordinate referrals, services, and meetings pertaining to Special Education. In addition, the Special Education Coordinator consults with teachers, administration and outside agencies.



Counselors provide support/counseling for students with special education needs as recommended.


Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

A Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant is responsible for providing direct therapy to clients with identified communication delays or disorders. SL-P Assistants work under the supervision of a SL-P.

Each school has a home visitor. The home visitor conducts home visits to help support parents in their child’s education.


Education Assistants

Education Assistants are member of the education team and they assist the teacher so that the instruction and inclusion of students is facilitated. There are various roles of an Education Assistant. Listed below are various types of Education Assignments:

  • General Education Assistant-performs a variety of tasks to provide assistance and support within the school environment. Work is performed within established procedures and under frequent supervision. The General EA provides physical, emotional, behavioral, and academic support in a variety of educational settings to students.
  • Exclusive Education Assistant-used to describe an Education Assistant assigned to a specific student and who works primarily with that student. This position assists students who have specific disabilities.
  • Education Assistant assigned to a specific program (Program Assistant)-used to describe an EA whose primary responsibility is to work with a cluster of students in a distinct program.