Parents, you are your children's first and most important teachers.  When children begin Kindergarten, parents and teachers form a partnership to support learning at home and at school.   We have a wonderful, passionate and caring staff at Ermineskin Kindergarten and it is our goal to make learning magic and provide you with many opportunities to participate in your children's education.
Here are a few things to keep in mind and help us out and make 2016-2017 a great year:


School Fees  

School fees are $25 and are due September 30, 2016.  Thank you in advance for getting these fees paid on time.  This helps a great deal with planning and paying for special school supplies, events and field trips.


Drop off and pick up times and sign out  

If you are picking up your child and they usually go on the bus please call before 3:15 so that teachers get the message before putting your child on the bus.

Front doors will be open for students at 8:25 a.m. and 12:20 p.m.   During the winter students will be allowed to wait in between the front doors but will not be allowed inside the main school area until the above times.

If you are picking up your children early you will need to sign them out at the front office.



All transportation issues need to be addressed through Hobbema Transport at 780-585-2424.  Also please be aware that the busses begin arriving as early as 3 pm so please give them the space they need to move safely and do not park in front of the school from 11:15-12:30 and 3:00-3:45.  There is parking available directly behind the busses in the form of parallel parking or in parking spaces on the other side of the cement parking lot divider.



Your children have a great opportunity to learn exciting new things and build knowledge that will be the foundation for learning for the rest of their lives.   Please help them learn and grow by making sure they are at school everyday and on time.  


Parent Volunteers

All parent/guardian volunteers are welcome at the kindergarten! If you volunteer at the school please remember to sign in at the office.  Volunteer's names will be entered in a monthly draw for prizes.  Ay Hay!


2016-2017 Calendars for K4 and K5

Please note there are 2 slightly different calendars for K4 and K5.  K4s do not have school on Wednesdays.  K5s have school on Wednesdays but it is an early dismissal day and both morning and afternoon classes are shortened.  Morning classes end at 11 am and afternoon classes end at 2 pm.